Work lamp LED flood 27W / 1980 lumens

This LED projector will be installed on the Eagle roof rack ( SKU: MDEAGLE)
SKU: MD1980L
$18.11 incl tax
$13.46 incl tax

Product Specifications:

Power: 27W
Intensity: 1980 lumen
Number of LEDs: 9x3W high intensity CREE XBD LEDs
Working voltage: 10-30V
Working temperature: -40 degrees / + 85 degrees Celsius
Protection class: IP 67
Light color temperature: 6000K
Construction: Aluminum Aluminum with radiator, painted in black
Lens material: Secured glass (increased resistance to mechanical shocks and heat resistance)
Mounting bracket: Duralumin
Lighting type: Combo Beam (flood beam 60 degrees at the side and spot beam 12 degrees at the center for both distance and close lighting)
Light color temperature: 6000K
Length: 52 inches (about 133 cm)
Life span: over 30,000 hours

Product description:

LED Bar Designed for Off Road Offshore, Hunting, Camping, Motoring, Fishing, Agriculture and Industrial, Construction, Freight Trucks, Guard, Boats, etc.
Variable dimensions for multiple mounting points.
Extensive lifespan reaches over 30,000 hours of operation
Duralumin housing that resists shock and impact
Waterproof and anticorrosion resistant: Can be used in any environment (rain, snow, dust, mud, etc.)
Combo light - combines spotlight with floodlight. In the sidewalks, it has ice floods with a 60-degree angle, and at the center spot spot lights with a 12-degree angle

The electrical installation is purchased separately!