Snorkel Mudster 2018+

Compatible with Dacia / Renault Duster 2018+ regardless of engine type.
$368.00 incl tax

This Snorkel can be purchased with the following options:

  • Black matte or ready-to-paint
  • Painted in the same car color or any other

Note: For orders please contact us at , specifying your choice. The price displayed is for the matte black or ready-to-paint option.

Technical specifications:

Designed without screws or visible supports for a perfect aesthetics.

Ensures an improved air intake.

The kit contains an RHS flexible hose rated at 135 ° C.

The product has a minimum number of passage points from the Snorkel to the air filter.

Uses the existing air filter easily accessible under the hood.

Fasteners and fasteners are used on the windscreen pillar made of aluminum and plastic.

The product is made of single piece fiber glass to maximize airflow.