Set of 4 aluminum shields Rival

SET of 4 Shields: Radiator + engine + gearbox (new version), gearbox / differential, pipeline and fuel tank 4mm, 2010 - present, Dacia Duster
$637.27 incl tax

Aluminum shields drawn for Dacia Duster provides protection:

  • Radiator + engine + gearbox (new version)
  • Reducer / Differential
  • Fuel tank and pipelines
  • Thickness of 4 mm.

Corrosion resistant, unnecessary extra holes or other modifications to the vehicle outside the factory.

Rival Group is the absolute leader in the European automotive shields. Rival technology is recognized internationally factory in Ekaterinburg annually producing over 700,000 shields. Rival shields are recognized by their excellent strength, durability and quality of execution (hollows, matched mm landing vehicle is mounted extremely easy because they match perfectly).