Set of 2 front springs Ironman +3,5 cm

For 0-50kg extra weight, raises the ride height by 3,5cm.
$184.00 incl tax


♦ The behavior of the car will be stronger by about 20% compared to standard. Mounted with Ironman shocks, every trip will be very safe, comfortable and smooth, both on the road and offroad, regardless of the typical bumps of off-road, despite the increased firmness of the springs.
♦ Provides optimal flexing suspension shock absorbers in combination with Ironman4x4 Springs designed to support weights put on the car casual or permanent.
♦ The product is for everyday use, in cars with fewer 4x4 permanent mounted accesories. It is very suitable for everyday unloaded cars and it's ready to support the load for specified holidays, offroading in a short / medium period.

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