Rear shock absorber Ironman NitroGas

Strut type for Renault-Dacia Duster.
SKU: MD12748GR
$132.01 incl tax

Ironman NitroGas

  • Type damper strut, Twin tube, massive 35mm piston, gas+oil, 54mm diameter, 60mm overall diameter.
  • The same characteristics as the damper NitroGas: Is a silencer which greatly improves both the car's behavior on the road as well as in offroad: direction become firmer, easier to control, roll decreases, increases cornering stability and passenger comfort is clearly increased, regardless of terrain conditions, in conditions of maximum security.
  • The damper can easily handle the increased weights for offroad vehicle, increase stability of the car in terms of heavy loads or tow and the offroad specific shocks attenuates perfect.
  • Flexing the suspension is optimal in combination with springs.

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