Exterior accessories

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Aluminum Roof Rack

Mountable on cross bars (not included)
€248.31 incl tax

Crawler(r) metal side skirts

€298.00 incl tax

Dacia Duster Headlights

Headlights with magnifying glass and Neon side lights - Set of 2 pieces R+L
€350.76 incl tax €343.11 incl tax

Dacia Duster rear bumper protection

Rear bumper protector Dacia Duster 2010+
€62.53 incl tax

Dacia Duster Tow

Tow + module CAN BUS sphere of 2 removable screws brand Dacia Duster production Hakpol for 2015+
€134.09 incl tax

Dacia Duster Tow

Tow bar with removable sphere of 2 screws brand Dacia Duster Hakpol production from 2010 to 2013.
€92.55 incl tax