Ironman suspension complete set +3,5cm

2017 model,latest generation improved. The kit contains 4 springs + 4 shock absorbers + 2 angles correction kits, raises the ride height by 3.5 cm.
SKU: MD14000193
$808.59 incl tax
  • Now you can use your Duster on the road and in terrain safely, with the stability and comfort at his true capacity!!! The new Ironman 4x4 heavy duty suspension kit +40mm lift adds extra weight on the front axle and rear axle 0-50kg and 0-200kg.
  • The twin tube shock absorbers with nitrogen pressure and oil volume increased piston 35mm heavy duty rubber sleeve, ensures a higher behavioral for suspension on road and offroad.
  • Rolling asphalt will decrease dramatically, significantly increasing control during cornering even when the vehicle is loaded.
  • Very comfortable suspension will filter bumps found on forest roads, allowing higher speeds in conditions of maximum security.
  • Angles correction kit included!

Please keep in mind the following recommendations in order to enjoy a long time and in the best possible conditions of your suspension:

1. Periodically check the condition of the shock absorber rods on each machine revision (we recommend that you check for each periodic maintenance operation such as oil changes and filters). If they show cracks, cuts, gaps between the sleeve and the shock absorber, we recommend that you replace them as soon as possible. If they are not in good condition (they have cracks, breaks, missing pieces, etc.), there is a major risk that the shock absorbers will suffer damage, this type of defect not being the subject of the warranty.

2. Periodically check the tire pressure! We recommend that it be between 1.8 and 2 (1.8 for comfort, 2 for running in highway conditions).

3. Adjust the machine geometry (angles - especially convergence, but also drop and escape angles), after approx. 500-1000 km from suspension installation!

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