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Balance factor ET45 16“ 114,3 x 5 7J
£122.45 excl tax

Snorkel Dacia Duster

Designed for Renault Dacia Duster, single importer and distributor for this accessory in the world.
£190.36 excl tax

Mudster Snorkel

£254.38 excl tax £196.94 excl tax

EGR steel shield

£86.16 excl tax

Rear auto locking differential

Torsen auto locking differential type B for Renault Dacia Duster 4x4.
£467.25 excl tax

Race Chip RS

£210.84 excl tax

Spare tire support and license plate package

£269.74 excl tax £229.76 excl tax

Warrior 6000 LB SPARTAN Synthetic Rope

Warrior 6000 LB SPARTAN electric winch 12v with synthetic rope
£344.89 excl tax

Tyrex 8000P Compact Winch

£272.27 excl tax £242.02 excl tax

Tyrex 8000SP Compact Synthetic Rope Winch

£366.81 excl tax £328.99 excl tax

Warrior 4500 NINJA 4500lb Synthetic Rope

Warrior NINJA 4500 lb 12v electric winch with Synthetic Rope.
£256.02 excl tax

Race Chip DUSTER - PRO2 1.5 DCI 110 FAP/DCI 85/DCI90 FAP

Compatible with 1.5dci Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines (not with Euro 6)
£210.84 excl tax